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Blank space on your wall staring at you, full of judgement? Horrifying, Star Wars-lacking void stretching out to December 2015 with no hope of being crossed? Just missing some Han Solo in your life?

Well, artist Matt Ferguson has kindly provided you with a solution to all your problems. In conjunction with Bottleneck Gallery in New York, Ferguson has released three limited edition prints based on the Star Wars original trilogy.

And they're beautiful:

They're also all available to but from the website, with each individual print retailing at $35, or $100 for the set of three.

But, more importantly - look at them! They're awesome!

Tauntauns, Landspeeders and Vaders! Oh. My. God.

So much awesome.

Now all we need is for someone to get J.J. Abrams to accidentally release [Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158) right the hell now. I don't even care that it's temporally impossible - he managed to work out time travel in the Star Trek movies, so there's really no excuse.

Pretty please?


What do you guys think? Digging the prints?

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