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Now, for most of us, Peter Pan will always be a small redheaded boy in bright green leggings, with a silly pointy hat.

And a fondness for Mer-ladies.
And a fondness for Mer-ladies.

But historically, of course, the part of Pan has usually been played on stage - especially in Christmas-time productions - by a young woman. Which means the traditional imagining we have of Peter as a young boy is actually far less conventionally accurate than this newly released image from the upcoming Peter Pan Live, in which Girls' Allison Williams (who's playing Peter) very much brings the 'good looking young woman from a hit HBO show' to the part:

And while she could still easily pass for an attractive male cast member on The Vampire Diaries, there's more than a hint of gloriously distorted gender roles about the whole thing.

Which, quite frankly, is awesome.

Especially since Christopher Walken is playing Captain Hook.

[Peter Pan Live](movie:2059523) is heading to NBC on December 4, 2014.


What do you guys think? Looking forward to Peter Pan Live?

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