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See, to me, THAT KISS is the money shot, right there.

The Hollywood megastars, who walked down the aisle in a secret ceremony held in Chataeu Miraval in the south of France last month, reportedly got paid a whopping $5 million from Hello! and People mags for intimate snaps of their big day, including that wedding day embrace and various other images of Angelina's Atelier Versace dress.

Radar is reporting that:

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie scored a $5 million payday for making their wedding day public, but the philanthropic couple will be donating the money to charity... Brad and Angelina knew there would be tremendous interest in their wedding pictures, and decided to donate the money to their charitable foundation. The couple has done this numerous times in the past.

Five mil might sound like a lot of cash, but the first pictures of the Chosen Ones, Knox and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt, still hold the record for the most expensive celebrity pictures. People and Hello! paid $15 million for those pictures in 2008. That's one pricey set of baby photos.

Also... Don't necessarily be fooled by the "charity" bit. Sure, "how nice that they donated the money to charity!" - you might well be thinking. To the Maddox Jolie Pitt Foundation. Their OWN CHARITY. Which I am sure they have complete control over... You know, admin fees of $4.95 mil a year and all that.

Still, good for them. Many happy years, I hope!


Would you donate $5 million to charity, if you were Brangelina?

(Source: DListed)


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