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Robert Pattinson might be constantly embroiled in the tangled net of relationship rumors, but this time it looks like it could be the real deal and the lucky lady in question is ridiculously adorable.

Rob was spotted sneaking into the Bowery hotel together in New York with the British singer FKA Twigs last week and The Sun reports that the pair have been together for about a month and are totally into each other. According to an insider source who know the couple;

It's the real deal between Rob and Tahliah. They had been able to keep their relationship secret until recently, but they're already smitten. He’s been taking her on dates for the last month or so, and has even flown her out to stay with him in New York. He also loves going to her gigs

But, who is this mysterious songstress?

FKA Twigs
FKA Twigs

The Gloucestershire born up and coming singer's real name is Tahliah Barnett and at 26-year-old, she is two years Rob's junior.

Although FKA Twigs only released her debut LP in August 2014, she is already making a dent on the music scene with multiple award nominations and a place on Billboard's 14 Artists to Watch in 2014 list.

It would make a lot of sense for Rob to fall for a singer seeing as the 28-year-old actor is also a musician himself.

If you're feeling curious, you can check out one of FKA Twigs in action below:

Are the pair really together? Only time will tell, but this certainly seems more like the real deal than a lot of the other ridiculous relationship rumors in the past (Imogen Kerr comes to mind...)

It's about time Rob got back on the horse, so I am totally gunning for these two!


Do you think Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs are the real deal?

(Source: The Daily Mail via The Sun)


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