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With The Walking Dead Season 5 premiere four weeks and one day away (yes I have been counting, but whatever), it's time to turn our attention to the dead elephant in the room, namely which beloved characters we think are not going to make it out alive by the season's end.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to my Walking Dead Death Predictor.

Author's note: the last time I did this, nobody actually got killed off on the show, so I'm hoping it has the same effect this time.

Warning: TV show and comic book spoilers to follow.


Why she could go:

We saw a new side of Michonne at the backend of Season 4. Instead of the sullen, silent killer, we got someone who thrives on the friendship and support of others. She's fiercely loyal, can make Carl laugh and has become part of Rick's trusted inner circle. Basically, everything is going swimmingly.

Which is why she might be next to go. TWD execs like nothing more than inflicting misery on the viewer and killing Michonne would surely rank as one of the biggest shocks in the show's history.

Why she's safe:

Basically because she's my favorite character and I'll be pissed if she goes - I'm warning you Gimple!

Also, she's still alive in the comics so that has to count for something, right?


Why he could go:

Daryl opened up emotionally last season, laying bare the demons that had plagued him since childhood. While it was cathartic for both him and us, it could also be very bad news for his life expectancy. Anybody who's ever watched Lost will know that as soon as a character has found redemption or experienced a moment of catharsis they will probably die at the next available opportunity.

Why he's safe

This is not Lost, obviously. Plus, there's this threat going around about rioting or something if he dies.


Why he could go:

There were rumors a while back that Steven Yeun had filmed Glenn's death scene and the crew had gathered together for a death dinner - which has since been denied.

But while the stories of Glenn's demise might have been greatly exaggerated, those who have read the comics will know that at some point Maggie's other half has a date with destiny and destiny goes by the name of Lucille. Could that go down in Season 5?

Why he's safe:

While I fear for Glenn's long-term safety, I think he's probably OK for the coming season. Also, I expect Maggie and him to be hearing the tiny patter of feet soon.


Why she could go:

Because she's being held captive by some weird NWO who like to beat her around the face. Also, I've been saying she was next for the chop since Season 2, so it's got to happen at some point, right?

Why she's safe:

Beth is proving to be a tougher cookie than we first thought and keeps on hanging in there. And if she did go, who would we turn to for musical interludes? Eugene? Tara? I don't think so.


Why he could go:

Considering his comic book character counterpart has been dead for ages - and only got about two pages of action - it's amazing Bob is still cracking undead skulls on the show. However, I don't think his run of good form is going to continue and I've got a gut feeling that Season 5 might see his demise. In fact, I think he might not make it past the Season 5 Premiere.

Why he's safe

Erm, because the show execs really liked the Wire and want to keep Lawrence Gilliard Jr. around longer? Other than that I got nothing...


Who do you think is more likely to get the chop?


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