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Im like many others on MoviePilot. Comic books to comic movies/TV series. Sci-Fi, action, and fantasy movies, you name it, Im a fan of it.

Well I've just joined MoviePilot and hopefully this article will be a good start.

So over the past week we've had some interesting news regarding DC content which is great in my opinion. Marvels been the lead lately when it comes to movies so hearing something other than Dawn of Justice is good news. With Dwayne Johnson confirmed to play Black Adam it looks like the Shazam movie is moving forward. It's kind of odd seeing the villain get cast before the hero but then Johnson has been teasing this movie for a while now and the way I see it he was given permission to choose what role to take. Have to say he does look more the part for Black Adam than Shazam, only thing is Johnson has had such hype for this movie that I would have thought he'd want to stick around for more than one film. Villains don't usually get more than one movie but he could be the Magneto/Loki of the DC Universe. Black Adam could make multiple appearances through out the franchise. I also believe Black Adam hasn't always been an all out villain through out the history he's had in DC comics. In the first Shazam movie he could play the main bad guy and then after that return as an Anti-Hero. If this were to happen then we could be seeing Black Adam get his own spin-off movies considering Dwayne Johnson is quite popular at the moment. Either way the fact that Black Adam has been casted before Shazam Im pretty sure we'll be seeing more than just one movie with the character in. Im excited for this movie though there is one thing that worries me and thats what New Line (company to produce the movie) president Toby Emmerich recently said.

"It's a DC comic, but it's not a Justice League character, and it's not a Marvel comic. The tone and the feeling of the movie will be different from the other range of comic book movies."

I don't mind them going with a different tone than to what recent DC movies have, but I hope this doesn't mean it won't be connected to the Cinematic Universe. A lot of us want to see the DC Cinematic Universe grow and I don't mind the TV series being separate but if this movie is separate then I and many others shell not be pleased.

The other news is that Super Girl may be coming to the small screen. Its said that Arrow and Flash executive producers, Greg Berlanti and Ali Adler are trying to get the project launched. Adler is expected to write and Geoff Johns is expected to be involved. This source comes from deadline.

So although DC now have Arrow, Flash, Gotham and Constantine on the small screen its looking like they won't be done there. Super Girl could next and if Arrow/Flash team are to work on it then this could be another expansion to the all ready established world the CW has. This is great and all but my only problem is that we've already had Smallville and I think we really need to be seeing Super Girl join the Man of Steel in the Cinematic Universe. I would like to see her in action packed fights like what Superman faces though I doubt we would be able to see that level of action in a TV series. That's not saying we won't see Super Girl in the movies as well but its just we've already had Smallville which dealt with Clark Kent who has the same powers and to be honest I wanna see Super Girl facing the level of destruction Superman in the movies. But then if the visual effects in The Flash are decent enough then Im sure they could pull it off with Super Girl. Also it would be great to see a female superhero get her on series. If this TV series does happen I hope for the best and with luck it will be in the same universe as Arrow/Flash.

The only other recent news I know of would be the new cast members for the Arrow and Flash TV series. Dominic Purcell will be playing Heatwave alongside Wentworth Miller who'll be playing Captain Cold in The Flash. And Matt Nable has been casted as Ra's Al Ghul for the third season of Arrow. I know a lot of people were hoping for Liam Neeson considering he said himself he'd be up for returning to the role. Unfortunately for those people Neeson's portrayal will go no further than The Dark Knight Trilogy.


So what excites you the most, the Shazam movie or the potential SuperGirl TV series?


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