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Some of you have probably heard the news that Warner Bros. is working on a Supergirl TV series. And plans are farther along than we thought.

Greg Berlanti (Arrow, Flash) is reportedly teaming up with Ali Adler (No Ordinary Family) to make the series a reality, and D.C. writer Michael Green has also been tapped for the project.

It's also been confirmed that the series won't be on the CW, which would definitely distance Supergirl from the universe of Green Arrow and Flash. It could even be set in the same universe as Man of Steel or the on-again/off-again project, Amazon.

According to Deadline, this is shaping to be a "new interpretation" of the Supergirl character and story. To what extent, we still don't know. But that sounds better than the writers trying to "reimagine" who Supergirl is and where she comes from.

Both Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter are saying that the show will NOT be called Supergirl. In fact, reports say that titles under consideration are Super or just Girl.

In other words, they hired the guy who came up with the title of Arrow.


What would you name the new Supergirl TV series?

Source: Deadline, The Hollywood Reporter


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