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In 2007 my ex-girlfriend fooled me into seeing Juno at the cinema by telling me the twee story about teenage pregnancy was actually a war movie about the Canadian invasion of France in 1944. She had clearly done her historical research. As it turned out, I quite enjoyed the movie. But my point is this, sometimes movie titles can be a bit misleading or ambiguous.

Reddit recently kicked off a thread of movie titles which share almost zero relevance with the actual content of the film. Below, for your leisurely perusal, are some of their best, as well as some of our own thrown in for good measure.

The NeverEnding Story

Yeah. It ended. After 1 hour and 42 minutes to be exact. It should have been called the 1 Hour And 42 Minute Story.


This is a movie which confused me as a kid. I literally thought it was a movie about looking at trains. Only later did I discover its much less wholesome content. The poster should have given it away to be honest.

The Squid and the Whale

Viewers expecting a sequel to Megashark vs Giant Octopus will probably be left disappointed by this painfully real comedy drama. There is a cat in it though.

The Last Exorcism: Part 2

This sequel retroactively diminishes the significance of the exorcism in the first movie, whilst simultaneously making the original movie's name just plain dishonest.

John Carter

Yes, it includes a dude called John Carter, but I feel like the main selling point of this movie should have been all the fantastical creatures it included, plus the fact it was set on Mars. Not the fact the main protagonist has the name like a British soccer player.

Jurassic Park

OK, I'm getting a bit nit-picky here, but technically many of the dinosaurs we saw were alive in the Cretaceous period, not the Jurassic. Although admittedly Cretaceous Park doesn't have the same ring to it.

12 Monkeys

Not only does it not feature any monkeys, but the actual group called The 12 Monkeys are also revealed to be a lot less significant than the title suggested.

Apocalypse Now

As it features no apocalypse, it should have been more accurately titled, Apocalypse Later.

Troll 2

This film famously has perhaps one of the most misleading titles of all time. Firstly the film goes to extreme lengths to explain the monsters within it are actually goblins and not trolls, while secondly the film is also not a sequel to anything.

Ghost Dog

My colleague, Will's War host and, dare I say, friend, Will Wharton, regaled me with his own tale of movie title woe: "I rented Ghost Dog expecting it to basically be Casper the Friendly Ghost, but with a dog. In the end I got a film about Forest Whitaker trying to become a samurai." I should point out Will was a child when this happened.

Can you think of any more film titles that have no relation to the actual content of the film?


Which of these film titles makes the least amount of sense?

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