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Sons of Anarchy creator and absolute genius of brutality hopped on his social media accounts to announce to the show's extensive fandom that he had yet another twist in store for them for the September 9th premiere next Tuesday.

The ever-popular show's creator is infamous for his love of surprising twists that will make your heart explode. This one is really no different except it's, maybe, a little nicer.

Okay, so, like a lot nicer! He's challenging all of the fans to skyrocket the ratings of this year's premiere past last season's and if they are successful; he's going to have a huge bash and some of the lucky party-goers will also get to have a meet-up with the cast. You'll get to hangout with your favorite characters, hug Charlie Hunnam and get in front of the camera to film the the round-up show 'Anarchy Afterword'. That sounds like a lot of fun, and you know that you can't deny wanting to go hangout with California's most rough 'n' tumble biker club, so make sure you tune in to [Sons of Anarchy](series:201186) at 10pm on September 9th!

This type of fan appreciation quickly reminded me about my two other favorite impromptu parties thrown by major celebrities for their even more major fans that I just had to share with you while we were on the subject.

Robert Downey Jr.'s Birthday Screening

RDJ's 49th birthday was April 4th, 2014 which coincidentally and very awesomely lined up with fellow Avengers costar Chris Evan's Captain America: The Winter Soldier so he rounded up a bunch of pint-sized superhero lovers and had himself screening party. He took to his Facebook page to drop this photo and say,

What better way to spend my birthday than recognizing the cosmic miracle of Captain America 2 opening the same day? Gonna wrangle about twenty kids to watch it with and partaaaaaaaaaaaaay Marvel-style!!!

I can't think of a better birthday party either, Iron Man! I wish that I were about a foot and a half shorter so that I could have made the list myself. It looks like they are in for one epic sleepover shindig and I know they saw one heck of a film, too!

Aaron Paul's Taco Party

Aaron Paul is a breakout star who gained one of the largest followings due to the epically popular AMC program [Breaking Bad](series:200567). He won over everyone's affection as Jesse Pinkman, the foul mouthed but oh-so charming young drug manufacturing sidekick to the one who knocks, Walter White. He used this clout to save a local Los Angeles taco joint that was going under and facing shutting down. He asked his 2,170,000 + Twitter followers to show their support to the historical L.A. stand.

And boy did they ever! Aaron Paul and his beautiful fans were very successful at rescuing Henry's Tacos. Henry's is now doing really well, and even has a new location! Thanks, Aaron!

I would compete on a reality television series to even be invited to one of these parties, how about you?!


Which party would you attend?!


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