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The Horror Honeys

Dear Justin Long,

No one wants to die in Canada.


A Canadian.

What's in the clip: Justin Long's desperate phone call to his girlfriend, we find out that he's being held captive in Manitoba...for those of you who don't know where Manitoba is, it's landlocked. So the added irony of creating a human walrus is compounded with the fact that there's no water to escape in, if escape was even possible. I was hoping it would at least be set in crazytown Newfoundland or something so we would be able to see the gloriously awkward manrus in its enforced habitat.

Did you know that [Tusk](movie:1055467) was green-lit via twitter? I didn't know that.

[Tusk](movie:1055467) has its Toronto International Film Festival debut this week, and hits theatres on September 6th

What do YOU think of this body horror? Will YOU be saying WalrusYes?


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