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The best pranks were classically stories retold like ancient lore within friend circles, but these days, anyone with access to the internet can choose from a plethora of hilarious prank videos. These range from anywhere between funny, embarassing, and completely horrifying - but today in particular, I'm focusing on the fine line between the two.

Don't you worry, Han.
Don't you worry, Han.

See, there's a new video going around detailing an adorable dog named Chica, and it's realistic Spider costume. After getting suited up, Chica completely horrifies people by successfully pulling off the look of an actual giant spider. Check it out:

While it's certain that the prankee's don't think this is super adorable, it's pretty easy to d'awww and giggle your way through the video, because it's a dog hobbling around in a costume. But far more freaky pranks have surfaced over the past few years.

Take this next one, for example - warning, it does involve a fake head getting smashed a few times, and if you're scared of clowns... well, steer clear.

I think my favorite kind of viral marketing campaigns involve turnign real-life into fantasy, and the team for the [Carrie](movie:333138) reboot had just that in mind. Watch this awesome video and the way New Yorkers who react like New Yorkers (by peacing the eff outta' there):

Of course, a massive amount of pranks sprang up based on The Ring. One of my favorites involves a loving prank for a girlfriend that's especially risky to set up:

The other takes on classic Japanese Pop Idol group, Morning Musume. I don't usually enjoy seeing adorable pop idols in terror, but this is hilarious. Warning: It's seriously just a solid minute of them screaming in fear of the movie, then the best part happens.

Worth an honorable mention (though slightly more superhero-related over horror) is this awesome prank in which an unknowing esthetician meets Wolverine:

He's a real slasher, y'know?

What are your favorite scary pranks? Leave links and descriptions in the comments!


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