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Right so i wasn't going to start my main title with .....

Heeere's Johnny!

Because i wanted to sink your teeth into the review straight away!

This is by far my favourite Kubrick film and one of my favourite horror films. Very recently i've become bored of the new typical cliche horror, trying to copy the typically acclaimed films. (Not going to work my friend).

I just prefer old horror films and if it's going to be a new horror it better be good not none of this cheesy garbage! (Sorry not to offend any horror fan i just don't like cheesy horror) I want good, scary and a rememberable horror! For goodness sake it's the 21st Century.... Go on you can do it!

'The Shinning' is a film about a small family staying at a hotel for the winter. Jack (Jack Nicholson) is looking to work in the hotel as a caretaker for the winter. He also writes and intends to have some spare time to work on his writing. Thus the family have some little history together prior to coming to the hotel. Jack's son Danny (Danny Lloyd) has premonitions and sees horrific things. His mother Wendy (Shelley Duvall) is aware that her son sees things and has an imaginary friend.

This hotel was built over a Native American Indian Burial ground over the mountains and now the family is snowed in for the winter. The manager explains to Jack that the previous caretaker killed his own family then himself. Jack does not know that he has some spiritual presence surrounding him and drawing him to do things. Jack ends up listening to the voices and goes against his family for a fight to kill.

This film is very well directed, filmed and casted. There are so many scenes and shots in this film that i simply adore, from long establishing shots to close up shots. They are all very detailed and explain the story, even you can get away with no dialogue through out this film and still know whats going on. The separation between the family in the hotel the different presences they experience is crafted very well.

Wendy and Danny
Wendy and Danny

A must see Stanley Kubrick film. I am very sure you've all seen this film but why not watch it again for old times sake. It still stands as one of the best horror films ever made.

Heeere's Johnny!
Heeere's Johnny!

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