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Zane E Sanders

The Semi-final wasn't nearly as attended as Round 1; however, the show must go on. So, we've got ourselves a 3-way tie. Too reiterate what I said from Round 1... While we all have our own dreams of who should be playing our hopeful heroes of the future in the MCU, I'm honestly tired of all the same casting votes... But villains are often cast aside until the official casting comes out when we all complain that they will do an awful job (standing with our tails between our legs when we're most likely proven wrong). So, with "rumors" of M.O.D.O.K. coming to the third installment of Captain America (or not, depending on which interview you read), I've decided that we need to have a few fan casting rounds for some of our favorite villains, starting with the Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing. Here's our final three:


Jack Nicholson, John Malkovich, or Peter Dinklage?

We'll be turning our eye to the Doctor Strange movie next. Comment and share who you want to see go against the good doctor below.


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