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The Death of Wolverine is storyline that began back in 2013 when Marvel Comics removed the healing factor of one of their biggest stars, Wolverine (James Logan Howlett). Without said healing factor, there’s nothing keeping Logan from succumbing to his battle injuries, disease, and various other maladies that would befall our hero. His healing factor is what kept his body going. It repaired blown off limbs, bullet wounds, and the constant popping of his infamous claws. Without it he’s a tough, stalky, brawler, with claws he can’t risk popping often, and a metal skeleton that will weigh him down. He’s now a lone samurai on his final run.

In the story, written by Charles Soule (Superman/Wonder Woman) with art by Steve McNiven (Old Man Logan), we find Logan holed up for a final stand against hordes of mercenaries, would be bounty hunters, and his rouges gallery. They are all trying to be the ones to take down the great Wolverine now that he’s “weakened”, all the while we find out that a bounty has been put on Logan’s head (for an undisclosed amount of money) by the head of Madripoor, Viper.

We’re treated to a flashback of Logan talking to Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) about the possibility of getting his healing factor back. Reed tells him he could get it back for him but it will take months to do it and for Logan to lay low for awhile. He tells Reed he can’t because of the people coming for him, but Reed tells him he understands but not to invite it in. We then head to a bar in Canada where we see an overweight Nuke with some henchmen out to collect the bounty. They get information from a bar that Logan is expecting them and left them a map of where to find him. Nuke and his men travel to an island in Canada that’s marked on the map and survey from afar if he’s around. Logan takes out the men one by one. Nuke finds a bevy of bodies that Logan killed previously strewn about the beach on the island that Logan is holed up on. Nuke tosses Logan head first onto a huge rock and thinks he’s faking injury, until Logan rises and takes down Nuke with head butts that pulverize his face to get the information about who’s sent everyone. Logan tells Nuke he’s going to send him back alive, the only one who will get such treatment, to deliver a message: Tell everyone who wants a piece of him to bring it on. Nuke then tells him who put the bounty on his head, and that’s when we’re treated to a splash page of Viper sitting with a chained up Sabretooth at her feet.

So far we are very interested in where this story is headed and what the final body count will be. Will we get to see a final showdown between Wolverine and Sabretooth? Most likely. Will we see Logan kill his way to Viper and exact revenge? Most likely. Will he die of alcohol poisoning from drinking to much in his cabin of the island? Probably not. This to me has the feel of a western. One that tells the story of the aged gunsliger who’s making one last ride for justice, only to end with our hero dead and alone. We have a strong feeling this will be a bloody, violent end to Wolverine…and we’ll be loving every minute of it! A very big Yay!


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