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Looks like the jigsaw pieces are finally gluing in together for Season 2 of True Detective. HBO is in early talks to recruit Justin Lin, best known for directing the 4 action-packed Fast & Furious films.

my reaction..
my reaction..

Justin Lin did a great job directing the series from part 3 to part 6 and almost saved the ‘high-octane racing’ franchise and brought it back to life after Vin Diesel backed out of 2 Fast 2 Furious.

Lin has a great touch with action. But the real question is what’s he doing lurking around HBO's critically acclaimed anthology series and how’s he going to cope with directing a drama. It’s worthwhile to point out that he has done drama before with Better Luck Tomorrow which was well-received at the Sundance Film Festival. And also let’s not forget his contribution in the famous 'paintball' episode of "Community,"

All this is skeptical at the moment. But if he really gets to helm the mantle ;( given the fact that he would succeed Cary Fukunaga, who just won the best director for a drama series Emmy), he’s in for some heavy shit.

Currently, Justin Lin is in talks to direct atleast the first two episodes of the upcoming season. The choice is amateurish because the last time I watched True Detective, it was a drama series and it was all about the moody neo-noir kinda atmosphere, script and the insanely amazing chemistry between the main characters. And with Justin Lin as a director, he’ll probably tweak the look and tone of the show which is highly not recommended.

No cast members have been confirmed, but Colin Ferrell, Taylor Kitsch and Vince Vaughn are expected to be in the cast. Rachel McAdams and Elisabeth Moss are in the run for the show's female lead.

fans these days
fans these days


Who do you think should direct the next season of true detective?


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