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One of my favourite Tim Burton films and my ultimate favourite Stop-Motion Animation ever!

As a huge Tim Burton fan and follower this film was a childhood favourite of mine and it still is to this day. I love everything about this film. The characters and their personality's, the set design and the amazing music it's so Tim Burton!

We're in Halloween town where every year the whole town celebrate the arrival of pumpkin king 'Jack Skellington' (Chris Sarandon and Danny Elfman). Jack has become bored of the same old parade that the town throw for him every year so once the party is over Jack and his ghostly pet Zero head out for a walk in the night.

Jack comes across a circle of trees with doors symbols for each holiday on them. One door has a green tree with little red balls on each end of the tree. He opens the door on the tree and falls inside. Jack looks up to see he has landed in snow and that there are coloured lights everywhere. He looks down from the top of the hill and sees a little town all colourful and bright. He rolls down the hill only to find he is in Christmas town. Jack returns to Halloween town and calls a town meeting he has a surprise for everyone. He would like to celebrate Christmas this year and he would like to deliver the presents this year instead of Santa Claus. So he sends Lock, Shock and Barrel to go after Santa Claus. We meet Sally (Catherine O'hara) at the early stages of the film and she tried to warn Jack that what he's doing is wrong and is going to get him in trouble.


This film is not only done in frame by frame stop-motion animation it took about 3 years to complete and it was a musical stop-motion animation. That's very hard to do, to have a frame by frame animation with characters singing. Think of the hours and weeks it takes just to do 1 scene maybe even less. All the characters and the story were created by Tim Burton however he did not direct the film Henry Selick directed this film and Burton helped in producing it.

Jack and Sally
Jack and Sally

A highly recommended film one of Burton's bests and a great way to be looking forward to Christmas as I can not wait.

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