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German director and actor, Werner Herzog, has filmed a cameo appearance for the final season of Parks and Recreation.

"Just ten days ago I acted in a tiny cameo part in a TV show called, uh, 'Parks and Recreation'?"

Herzog tells his audience while speaking at the Brooklyn Academy of Music and goes on to describe his character.

"an elderly guy who sells his decrepit house to the young couple who are the leading characters in this, and directly to the camera, I address the audience and I say, 'You know, I lived in this home for 47 years. And I decided to move out now and sell this because I'm moving to Orlando, Florida, to be close to Disney World.'"

Hmmm leading characters. Could be Leslie and Ben or even Andy and April he's talking about.

Is he a fan of the show? Herzog says...

"I've never seen the show, but I hope they kept some of it."

Parks and Recreation returns to NBC in 2015.

(Source: Zap2It)


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