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Hi i am 19 year old amateur film director that is just looking for his opportunity to take my passion to my career.
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In 2009 the movie Avatar directed by James Cameron, raised the bar for Film Making so g years after the the Avatar was released what should our expectations be?

Hi, if you want to know more about films that are coming out in 2015, please watch the video. For the films that I will be pulling apart and making my opinions about 2015.

We have some truly great film directors making some perfect, but will any of them knock James Cameron of the leaders board for making the best films? Lets look at some film directors that are amazing film directors.

  • James Cameron
  • Peter Jackson
  • Quentin Tarantino
  • Christopher Nolan
  • Steven Spielberg
  • Stanley Kubrick

Is James Cameron the only film director that is left that could keep raising the bar?

With Great Directors they look for great films let's look at 2015 films and are there any film's that could be considered to raise the bar filmmaking?

Taken 3, the final installment in this series, I am truly hopeful for this film. Taken 1 was one of the best thrillers made in 2008. After the hype of Taken 1, they released a sequel entitled Taken 2, which couldn't follow the hype of number 1. So the expectations could be high for this film but this film won't be a game changer. You can expect this movie to either really good or really bad.

SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water a little fan fact about the Spongebob show its the only tv show that originally aired 99's. This Sponge out of the water is just another reboot to carry on the franchise.

Fifty Shades of Grey, some people might not want to see this film my open opinion is that. From a novice filmmakers point of view I want to see if the adaption from the book is good or not? adapting a story from book is a very hard thing to do right so it was be interesting to see if they can do it right. With the incredibly well known story Fifty Shades of Grey this could easily be the next level of filmmaking.

Hitman: Agent 47, I am a big fan of the Hitman video games but the film have not been that great compared to the games. WIth 2015 still a year away there is not known about the movie. We dont know how the style of this movie there is a lot of the "What If" Factor that we need to think about.

Pitch Perfect 2, going off the hype of Pitch Perfect 1 there is going to be a sequel. Will this movie be destine to fail before it comes out. We are talking about the movie that one song reach 300 millions views and sparked hundreds of covers? Could any sequel beat the original?

Minions, could this filmmaking be better than the Avatar I really want to believe it? Will the story be like the rabbids? or the smurfs?

This is one movie I will be interested in seeing but could this be the next level of filmmaking? I personally will be seeing this movie no matter how bad it would be.

Beyond the Brick: A Lego Brickumentary, could this be the sequel to the first animated lego movie or is this another story of the lego movie? The first lego was very good is this another lego movie by the same creators or another one that is different? Could they take this filmmaking for the next level? Could this be the next Avatar?

The movies so far for 2015 don't seem like anything outside of people's comfort zone. they all seem like they are trying to remaster the prequels, which in all fairness is a very good thing. Mastering something to make it better could this be how they are going to raise the bar? This is very interesting I would love what you have got to say about it?

Assassin's Creed, With the huge hype of over this movie, this movie and Star Wars VII could be the next movies that could beat the Avatar, both movies have huge cult followings but until 2015 we won't know.

Assassin's Creed is one of my personal favourites, to me this is one of the movies I wish that will be amazing and will raise the bar for films.

Who is really focused on making a career in film directing, me personally I want to be a professional film director, but with 2015 not having any real contenders to raise the bar. It leaves me to think that nobody is really stepping outside their comfort zone to make movies anymore.