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We learned never to kill only to maim or seriously injure! All joking aside guys when you break it down Harry Potter isn't just a young adults/children's series. This has been my "Harry Potter summer." I am going to college and I was packing up my room and found my old set of books. So naturally I read all of them then watched the movies, yes I cried like a baby child. As I was re-reading I realized that not only are the books hilarious, but there are also a lot of meaningful messages and cool little hints that J.K. Rowling has left for us. Besides the actual humor of the book, the series has manages to spawn some witty and slapstick memes that I always enjoy. To lighten the mood before we move onto some of the more sad messages I have included some of my favorite memes:

I just love Snape soo ya deal with it!!
I just love Snape soo ya deal with it!!

Anyway, there are many more out there so HP fans should check those out for a good laugh. Especially an article on Buzzfeed, jokes even muggles can appreciate, or something of that sort.

Now back to the more meaningful parts of the book:

1. A mothers love is the strongest of all

Lily Potter, with the assistance of Molly Weasley and even a little bit Narcissa Malfoy, showed us that a mother's love is the strongest force on earth. Obviously there are stronger physical powers like military weapons etc. but this is meant to be taken in a figurative sense (for those of you who like to argue). There is nobody in this world who will love you more than your mother. I'm not saying this applies to all mothers because lets be honest not all of them are gems. However, most mothers will do almost anything to save or better their child's life.

Be good to your mom's kids!!
Be good to your mom's kids!!

2. Heroes can be found in the most unlikely places

Snape has taught us so much. Some say that his love was demented and obsessive and I can't completely disagree, but I love Snape so much I like to think of it as Rowling herself does; "a passionate and intense love that most don't experience in a life time, obsessive maybe, but true nevertheless." Snape has shown that love does not simply end after death and that those whom we are devoted to live within us and around us everyday no matter how much time has passed. "Always," is the perfect way to capture our lessons from Snape besides "Turn to page 394." Snape (and Neville) have also taught us that heroes can lie in the most unlikely of places. By far my favorite Rowling quote that always makes me tear up, "He (Snape) was a Slytherin who died a Gryffindor." I actually didn't cry when Snape died only after I read about his memories did I realize he was such an amazing character. He is unlikable in many respects, but you just gotta love him (unless you're Lily Potter of course.)

First and last things said about Severus Snape
First and last things said about Severus Snape

3. Curiosity and a little obsession can be good!

This one is a little more light hearted. Arthur Weasley showed me that curiosity and a bit of obsession can be healthy and even a good thing. Do you think Lincoln became president by living in his farm house and working the fields? No, he walked 3 miles to get to school everyday and became one of our country's most respected and well known presidents.

Oh Arthur you muggle lover
Oh Arthur you muggle lover

4. Smart girls are the best!

Luna, Ravenclaw, and Hermione all taught us that "Wit beyond measure is (wo)man's greatest treasure." And lets be real, being smart is sexy. There is nothing I hate more in this world than a know-it-all who knows nothing at all. Being a bimbo is not sexy it just lets people think you are stupid and beneath them. You don't get anywhere in life by blowing off school and pretending to be dumb for boys (yes girls at my old high school did that).

5. Bold is beautiful

Speaking along the lines of beauty, Ginny Weasley showed us that bold is beautiful. Daring, independent, and strong minded are amazing characteristics to have and hone. Look at Bella Swan next to Ginny and Hermione, who would you rather have? (No disrespect to the twilight fans out there this is just my personal opinion.) Ginny was the leader of the DA with Neville and Luna in Harry's absence and Hermione was off hunting horcruxes. Those are some badass women right there.

6. Love can overcomes the most difficult barriers

Tonks and Lupin again reinforced the amazing power that is love. They proved that love can surpass even the most difficult of barriers. Lupin is basically the dirt of the wizarding world only a notch up from Goblins and house elves and Tonks who is a half-blood still wanted to marry him. Lupin had no money and no means of providing for her but this is a 20/21st century story and Tonks is an auror so I guess she is the bread winner. They are the Romeo and Juliet of the story. She gave up a lot to be with him and together they waded through social barriers installed by their society similar to how Romeo and Juliet battle to break free of restrictions set by their families. They were the best couple!! I cried so much in the movies when we saw them lying down, hands almost touching but not quite there yet.

Crying as I write
Crying as I write

7. It's the choices we make that define us

Neville, Harry, Lupin, and Sirius taught us that it is the choices we make that define us. Neville is undoubtedly portrayed as the Wormtail of the group. However, as time goes on he proves to be just as brave and every bit as heroic as his mother and father. He did not choose the easy way out and give in like Wormtail. He did "what was right not what was easy." Harry himself also is very similar to Tom Riddle in many respects he, like Snape and Voldy, found a home at Hogwarts they were neglected as children, and they were all extremely powerful, resourceful and cunning. Again it is the choices that shaped Harry as he took a path very different from Voldemort's and that has made all the difference. Lupin was a "half-breed" but that didn't stop him from going to school and becoming a fantastic wizard with a wife and child. Sirius did not let his family dictate his choices and he too branched out to become an skilled wizard and apt parental figure for Harry capable of great love.

8. Nothing is worth as much as family

The Weasley family in general taught us how important family is. There is no greater resource and nobody will protect you like family. The twins showed us that a smile can cure all illness. Percy showed that nothing, even a career, is worth the same as a family.

9. Prejudice and hate will leave you shrivelled inside

Bellatrix shows us that obsessive love is not that same or as strong as genuine affection. She also shows us that prejudice and hatred will rot the mind and make even the most beautiful people black and shrivelled inside.

10. Good and evil aren always black and white

Dumbledore taught us too many things to count with his wise words. But this is one that not all people would agree with: He and Draco showed us that not all good people are 100% good and not all bad people are 100% bad. There are choices one must make whether they are welcomed or not.

11. Some things are worth fighting for

Harry, Sirius, Dobby, Dumbledore, Lupin, Tonks, Fred, Mad-eye, Lavender, of course Snape and all those who died taught us that somethings are worth fighting for, even if it costs you your life and that fear is the only thing we should be afraid of.

I hope you enjoyed and comment anything you have learned from the series. I know there is a lot I just wanted to make this relatively short.

Rowling has taught us all that great stories live with us forever. I know I will be showing Harry Potter to my kids and I hope they will enjoy it as much as I did.

The Journey :(
The Journey :(

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