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Hopefully you've admired that beautiful title sequence up there, and you're wondering what awesome thing could possibly warrant such a cool-looking title and design. The answer, my friends, is Hullabaloo, a short film written, directed, produced, and animated by veteran animators who desperately don't want to see the 2D form die (Somebody on MoviePilot's probably already written about this, but extra advertising can only be a good thing).

I don’t know about other animation junkies, but I really miss 2D. In fact, as much as I love 3D and what it’s done for the medium, I ultimately prefer 2D and I wish Disney hadn’t completely abandoned it after Princess and the Frog (which I suppose from a company viewpoint may have been a flop since it didn’t seem to make any huge impact on their target audience, but I personally thought was really quite good). And it’s not just Disney. Dreamworks had some fantastic 2D films in their past (as much as The Prince of Egypt deserves high praise, my favorite will always be The Road to El Dorado), but hasn't produced anything 2D since the early 2000's with Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas; and Blue Sky Studios (Ice Age, Rio) or Sony Animation (Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, Arthur Christmas) have ever done any full-length features in 2D. So it’s really nice to see some veteran animators also lament the apparent passing of the popularity of the classic 2D style.

Basically, this wonderful man, James Lopez, whose credits include such masterpieces as The Lion King and The Emperor's New Groove, has taken it heroically upon himself and a crew of other talented animators and writers to attempt to save the 2D medium with his own short film Hullabaloo, with hopes of making it a full-length feature later. To add some extra-awesome and distinctive flavor, Hullabaloo will be Steampunk, which is a term I’d only heard occasionally in speculation about the video game Epic Mickey. So for people like me, here are two definitions (from sources which I trust for a general definition of a pop cultur-ey thing), as provided by Urban Dictionary:

And also a snippet from Wikipedia:

It includes a lot of technology.
It includes a lot of technology.

There's also a link to a Steampunk page from the Indiegogo site, which sums it up as "Victorian science fiction" (with "Victorian" specifically referencing the 19th century).

I already like this Steampunk direction because it looks exceptionally unique, and the main character has a really cool hat.

And a sweet outfit--look at that cameo necklace!
And a sweet outfit--look at that cameo necklace!

This is Veronica Daring, and she and her partner Jules (who I suspect is named after Jules Verne; my highest accolades to whoever decided that), embark on an adventure to save both Veronica's father and the world.

So we have this movie that, from the few snapshots I can find, already looks beautiful...

Visit that link!
Visit that link!

...with this very distinctive, quirky design, setting, and flavor...

And some sexiness.
And some sexiness.

...not to mention two female main characters who “will serve as positive role models for girls of all ages and encourage them to get excited about science, engineering, and sci-fi” (quote taken from the Indiegogo page). But to make this movie, at least the full-length, happen, they need proper investors. For the short film, they have an Indiegogo campaign which I just referenced in a sort-of citation. If you actually look at said Indiegogo page, there's a video interview with James Lopez that also shows a few clips from the film, and the animation looks even better when you see it in motion: in fact, it looks like it could almost be a blend of 2D and 3D—a little like the mix between 2D and 3D in the climactic clock scene in The Great Mouse Detective, or when Miguel and Tulio crash the ship with all the gold in The Road to El Dorado. (Anyone?)

But look at Hullabaloo yourself! I could summarize even more cool facts about the film here, but then I might be tempted to plagiarize from the actual website and you might not be tempted to go to the actual website. Or any of them: there a few besides the Indiegogo campaign, whose fundraising goal was $80,000, but thus far, at the point I am checking the website to write this article, has raised 230% of its intended funds at $184,329. I encourage you, somewhat hypocritically since I have not yet done so and am trying to allocate funds to do so, to donate, because you get a lot of cool things if you do. Bugger, if I only had $5,000. Campaign ends on October 1st.

Seriously, go on the Indiegogo! More info on the story, on the cast and crew, and a great 4-minute video that will actually show you some breathtaking visuals from this ambitious project. You know you want to watch it.

And here are some other links for your viewing pleasure:

Guys, I’m just so excited.


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