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The episode opens with a girl walking in the rain; she is carrying a green umbrella with roses. Is obviously Makoto! But Ok. Let's wait to see her reveal her name a little bit down the road.

Meanwhile, Usagi is also walking to school with her umbrella that is pink and has bunnies in it! Isn't that cute?

She is as always sleepy and crosses the street without caution (that is why you always have to look both sides before crossing) thankfully she is saved by the girl with the green umbrella! Usagi is impressed by her and her gorgeous rose earrings.

Usagi reaches school safely and talks to Naru and Yuri (or Kumiko?), about how cute Naru looks with a wedding dress that she tried on instead of her cousin. Umino stops by to mention that the store at the entrance of the shopping district is where men get lost due a ghost bride luring them with her ghostly powers of seduction.

And, meanwhile in the Dark Kingdom. Queen Beryl is extremely mad that the senshi are ruining her plans, and Nephrite says he will take care of getting more energy, by using the power of love. Whatever that means for him.

Then at school is lunch time, and Makoto is driven to have lunch outside after some rude girls talk about how strong she is in front of her. Rude middle school classmates!

Makoto sits in a bench, and Usagi recognizes her as the girl who saved her in the morning. She very a la Usagi, goes to met her and notices her lunch box is super cute, and her lunch looks so very yummy. So when Makoto realizes there's a hungry girl behind her, she offers her some of her lunch and in a very Usagi way, she can't control herself! Her hands just grab onto the delicious food!

Usagi and Makoto bond, while Usagi says that no one should be afraid of a girl as cute and feminine as she is. Makoto blushes but she asks Usagi about a marketplace and an arcade. Of course, Usagi only knows about the second. So off to the arcade they go!

At the arcade Ami catches up with them and notices how good Makoto is playing the Sailor V game. (So is this a test to measure senshi potential? Where can I play this game I want to be a senshi!) Motoki appears saying how cute and beautiful Usagi's friends are, and when Makoto sees his face she realizes that he look a lot like a previous crush she had. She looses the V game due to being distracted.

After the arcade, the girls pass the bridal shop that now has the reputation of making grooms disappear; and then go to meet Rei at the temple. They start talking about the disappearing men and how if they are stolen or kidnapped by an evil ghost bride is their fault (Sassy Sailor Mars finally made it to Sailor Moon Crystal!) Makoto says that is late, and she has to go. When she leaves mars confesses to Luna that she feels something about Makoto, and Luna agrees... it might be their next ally? (Well of course it is!)

Meanwhile, at the bridal shop, the ghost bride appears, and she attacks poor Motoki! She possesses him, and he goes to find Makoto. The girl is in danger! But thankfully a busy studying Mamoru is walking by and notices that there's something weird going on about the way Motoki is approaching Mako. And he goes to find Usagi, cause you know, he knows she is Sailor Moon. In his Tuxedo Mask outfit, he wakes her up and makes her follow him in her PJ's! Off they go when Luna wakes up and call the other girls!

Tuxedo Mask directs Sailor Moon to the problem and then Ami and Rei appear (they were super fast catching up Usagi!) The girls transform and they attack the monster that is possessing Motoki. Mars launches a great attack, and the monster stops its control over the guy. But Makoto is taken hostage.

Nephite appears and orders the monster to attack the girls one more time. With Makoto captured the girls don't want to attack the monster right away, and Nephrite is giving a speech about how foolish is to believe in love. But Sailor Moon says that love is powerful, and that throws Makoto into remembering something.

In her previous school, she was in love or let's say, infatuated with a boy, but he got another girl to be his girlfriend, so heartbroken she didn't want to believe in love again.

But Sailor Moon tells her to believe in her words, hope and love are powerful. And Makoto believes! She says she will not let evil forces take advantage of girls in love and Jupiter is on!

Luna realizes she is the next soldier and throws her the transformation pen! She transforms into Sailor Jupiter and launches two attacks against the evil forces! Nephrite is surprised by her power and recognizes something in her eyes, but before he can destroys him, he runs away. She defeats the monster, and all the men that were captured are free from the spell.

Jupiter tells them about how the wind made her change schools, but that is was for more than just forgetting about his crush, it was to find this new purpose and carry out her mission with her friends as soldiers. Luna tells everyone that their team is almost complete, and that with four soldiers is time for Sailor Moon to step in as the leader, and she reveals the Moon Stick! End of the episode!

What about ... great! Awesome! Incredible! The animation for once was almost perfect, yes some of the scenes still have issues, but overall the quality really improved from past episodes. The characters have more personality and everything was right on the spot! Excellent episode! I love it!

Next episode is Act 6 - Tuxedo Mask! Watch the trailer for the episode here!


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