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"A day without laughter is a day wasted." -Charlie Chaplin .
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I'm not over-exaggerating or being overdramatic with my article title. I honestly believe this is the best indie styled superhero film of 2014.

Yes way! I'm going to give you guys my honest opinion of this movie and this will be a very simple, straight to the point review, let's do this!


The Posthuman Project primarily focuses on Denny Burke, a senior in high school that is struggling to balance his inner demons and the physical torment on his badly injured leg that occurred during a rock climbing accident. Just to make matters worse, his relationship between his younger brother Archie and ex-girlfriend Lisa isn't all that great. Luckily, his best friends Adam and Gwen talk Denny into a mountain climbing trip before graduation just like old times before they go their separate ways to college. Yet again, poor Denny can't catch a break because he has to bring Lisa with him.

This is how I felt for Denny
This is how I felt for Denny

Finally, Denny and his four friends make it to their destination.You would think the dude could finally relax, but no! Pretty much everything goes to shit after a blast hits all five teenagers giving them a genetic boost, leading to superpowers!

What were my feelings towards this story?

Surprisingly, I really loved it, not like it, but loved it! I'm really trying to shy away from using the word "badass" because I use it way too much so I'll say it was SUPER BADASS! The movie understood it wasn't suppose to be a gritty, grim, emo and always serious story. Instead the story reminded you of an actual fun, lighthearted superhero film that didn't care if it came off kinda "cheesy". It was there to entertain you and the family. You can actually feel the love and passion that went into making this movie.

Also, the story was never too complex or something that's going to make you contemplate after watching it thinking- "Hmm, maybe I shouldn't piss on my neighbors front doorstep anymore, thanks Posthuman Project!"

No-no! It's a very generic, straight to the point story which isn't necessarily a bad thing for this type of movie because the characters carry this all the way.


This isn't much of a complaint or a "con", but the characters were sometimes predictable in their actions. What made them so likeable for me was the life that the actors gave these characters. There would be scenes that seemed generic then there would be others where the actor took full control and just threw so much energy into their performance. There are scenes that actually make you feel for that specific character, especially with a female hero like Gwen Black. Who is dealing with an abusive parent, but these are situations in the movie that might make you relate to a certain character.

You said the characters can be "predictable in their actions" does this mean lazy, boring or dry character development?

It might sound like I'm talking in circles about these characters, but to answer your question... No. Once you watch the movie for yourself, you'll notice there will be scenes and dialogue between characters that feels very familiar. Which doesn't ruin the movie because it fits the story. It's not just the life these actors put into their characters, it's the fact that all 5 are individuals with individual personalities and goals. In the very beginning you get a sense where each character's head is at and what they want to do after high school.

Do you have a favorite character?

I like all of them! If I had to pick three it would be Gwen Black, played by Lindsay Sawyer, Adam Hall played by Josh Bonzie and Finch played by Rett Terrell. Those 3 really caught my attention - If you like a female character that's not only pretty, but a goofball, tough and doesn't try to fit in the "norm" of society then you'll like Lindsay Sawyer's character Gwen Black. Next, you have Josh Bonzie's character Adam Hall, who is the life of the party, he's full of energy, the school jock, trustworthy and a caring friend. I found it really cool they added basketball as a sport for his character since Josh in real life use to be a basketball player before acting.

Last but not least is Finch played by Mr. Terrell, who was just a total (I'm about to use that word again) badass in this movie! A huge round of applause to the makeup crew that put those scars on his face and neck. Finch I found way more interesting than the main villain I think it was his strange charisma and over confidence that he brought to the screen.

Before I move on to the final part of this review, here's a little message for Lindsay Sawyer-


Special Effects:

Kyle, yes Kyle Roberts I'm talking to you the director of this film. Why did you lie to me? You said this movie was made on a low budget, low budget my ass! The effects were sick! I kept thinking to myself how did he do all of this on a "low budget" because I'm telling you people... It actually felt like you were watching a legit comic book movie because the story is told by chapters that look like comic book pages. I don't want to ruin any scenes just understand the effects are great for such a low budget project.


This is my jam! - 9 OUT OF 10

This is a fresh break from all of these so called "realistic", dark and depressing superhero movies. You're going to enjoy this movie if you're a comic book fan or just somebody that enjoys sci-fi/adventure movies. Did I mention the phenomenal soundtrack? Two big thumbs up for the awesome music choices.

I want to congratulate and thank the entire team that worked hard on this project, you did a stupendous job.

To keep up with the movie click here - (The Posthuman Project Facebook Page)


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