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The new Doctor is back for a third episode, in which he offers Clara "any time, any place" to go visit and she chooses Robin Hood in England circa 1190 AD. There we find Robin Hood and his Merry Men right off the bat, introduced by having a sword/spoon fight with the Doctor to take his "magic blue box". It escalates when Robin competes against the Sheriff of Nottingham to see who the best shot in the land is, where we find out, not only are both excellent shots, but the Doctor is an impeccable archer as well. Without giving too much away, there is an underlying plot (as with most Doctor Who stories) in which robots who have lost there way are hiding until they can repair their ship to make it to the "Promised Land" a reacurring theme that bagan in the first episode of Series 8 and is obviously the story arc for the series. Although, Missy, who we have seen welcome dead people to "Heaven" in the first 2 episodes wasn't seen in this one. Loved this episode! Although it does bother me as to why the episode is called "Robot of Sherwood", implying that there is only one, when in fact there are several. The episode as a whole is splendid Doctor Who at it's finest, complete with hilarious arguing scenes between the Doctor and Robin Hood who don't seem to see eye to eye until the very end. It really hearkens back to the VanGogh episode from Matt Smith's run, as far as a historical figure whom we come to love by the end some romantic undertones between said figure and the Doctor's female companion. The Doctor seems much more light hearted and whimsical (as much as you can be while maintaining a slightly darker and brooding persona) and it's very welcome. Very fun, and very entertaining. 8.5/10


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