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Out of all the key players in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Chris Evans ([Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973)) was the most reluctant to join The Avengers roster. The actor went back and forth with the studio, turning down a 9-picture deal, then a 6-picture deal, before finally signing on for six films (after some convincing from fellow Marvel stars, Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo).

In recent months, there has been speculation that Evans would leave acting entirely in favor of directing once his Marvel contract is up — after The Avengers: Age of Ultron and [Captain America 3](movie:994409), Evans will only have one picture left in his deal. With his directorial debut, Before We Go, premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival next week, Evans has been asked about his future with Marvel, beginning his directing career, and how those two paths may intersect.

In a recent interview Evans was asked if he would ever consider directing a blockbuster Marvel movie. Although the actor didn't reject the possibility, he also didn’t give any hints that directing a Marvel film is something he’s considering at the moment.

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