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Reid Jones

Hype has been strong since early this year when it was confirmed that Paul Bettany would be playing The Vision in the mega-sequel, Avengers: Age of Ultron. Comic-Con has only amplified the excitement with the first look at the character in a poster, and while the image gave us little more than a glance at the flourishing yellow cape and a general figure due to his minor inclusion in the distant background, no amount of detail is unimportant.

However, now we finally have a true look at the character, with a full profile of the face, and a good look at the actual costume. Parts of the cape appear to have a red pattern to it and his face matches the comic designs rather well. Early speculation suggested the character may seem robotic in design, yet the Vision seems extraordinarily human.

However, being a creation scientist, his ability to fly has yet to be explained, and what's even stranger, the only part of the Vision not displayed is his feet. Could the Vision have something like Iron Man's jet boots, or will his tangibility and mass manipulation abilities still be the source of flight? While I am hoping for the comic accuracy, Ultron's origins themselves have been altered already, making nothing out of the question as to the film adaptation's take on the characters.

While Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver may be absent from the poster, all three will serve as important characters in the film.


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