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Welcome to "Silver Screen" a article series I write whenever I want to talk about something related to movies, television, and anime.

Today I want to talk about a movie that came out called The Expendables 3, I just saw it today, nobody else was in the auditorium, so I just got to sit back and enjoy a movie without anybody talking, texting, or anything else. The Expendables 1 & 2 were awesome in my opinion and did what they needed to do, have action stars come together, say cheesy lines, and fill up enemy bodies with as many bullets as they can, and this one I was a little hesitant on that idea, but it was awesome, really awesome, I was surprised at how much I liked it.

This movie has been hated on by everyone on the internet (but then again when doesn't the internet hate something) and has made less than the last two movies with $106 Million at the box office while the first made $274 Million and the second made $311 Million so the next movie might be R-Rated again because I think the studio will notice that the one movie in the series they decided to give a PG-13 made way less than the others ones that were rated R did.

Now, I don't get what all the hate against this movie is (besides the PG-13 rating) because it is The Expendables back together for the third time still kicking as much ass as possible and yet people hate it. My guess is that people forget how to have fun with a movie, people loved Machete (2010) but when it's sequel, Machete Kills (2013) came out, people hated, but it was more Machete and was the same Machete that we loved from the first movie. The same thing happened with Kick-Ass (2010) the first movie was loved by many, but the sequel was hated by many and now because people hated it, the franchise is over since Chloe-Grace Moretz said she will never play Hit-Girl again which sucks because the ending of Kick-Ass 2 sets up a Hit-Girl movie. What happened? Did people forget to have fun with a movie between 2010 and 2013?

My whole point is, have your own opinion, and don't let reviews control your moviegoing experience. People said Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 were terrible and the worst Spider-Man movies ever, while they do have their own flaws, I still like the films, in fact,I will post a video about Spider-man 3 being good that was made by Moviebob:

some critics said that Her wasn't that good, but it ended up being my favorite movie of 2013. Why don't you, the viewer, have your own opinion on a movie? Expendables 3 is good, its fun, and it's action-packed and while people are complaining about how Stalllone is getting younger actors into the Expendables, guess what? We need action stars! We really haven't had a action star for this generation of people besides Jason Statham, I guess but we need new action stars and I like that the film is trying to do that because, sadly, Stallone and Schwarzenegger won't be around forever to star in action movies as well as the rest of the Expendables crew, thats why we need new action stars.

What did you think of Expendables 3? Did you think it sucked or did you tihnk it was awesome?


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