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If Elvis is God, then and only then would the horrendously awful THE IDENTICAL be a "Faith-based" movie...

A "What if?" pseudo music-biopic about if The King's real life identical twin actually lived, and was adopted by a preacher and his wife... And wound up shadowing his brother's footsteps without realizing he had a brother at all...

The movie is one of the worst ever made, and now it's being considered by the box office bean counter media as "The Faith Based Movie that Flopped."

Yes, Ray Liotta's character IS a Christian. In fact he's a preacher: an overbearing and obnoxious tent show zealot, and for the most part, he tries forcing his "son" to become a preacher too. And yet, the LAST thing Blake Rayne's Ryan wants is ANYTHING to do with God. He strives to be a Rock Star, and sets out to follow that dream and not his father's.

In fact, Liotta's Pastor Wade gets more human (and realistic) after replacing his thumping bible with an auto mechanic guide. And Ray's wife, played by Ashley Judd, is the good cop of the parentals, and she hardly mentions God at all. In fact, the name "Jesus" is mighty scarce herein.

And so, the media is celebrating this movie's poor box office by calling it "Faith Based," but let's blame the writers and the awful acting. Because if a "Faith Based" movie has to do with characters who "believe" in God, and pray their little hearts out in the process... THE EXORCIST too would fall under this category.

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