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We know by now that whatever Marvel does seems to, in some aspect, affect the overall Marvel Universe. Events certain films change how the following movie will play out depending on the circumstances. Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a perfect example. Event's and plot in that movie will set the tone of how Age of Ultron will play out. And we last left Cap as being a true leader which will more then likely translate into Age of Ultron That's just one of many examples that will be too long to list.(Also Tony Stark's post Anxiety issue he had in IM3 in regards to the events in The Avengers).

Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is, what will the events in The Avengers 2 leave our heroes? What and how will this movie affect the future marvel films going forward? Many questions and speculations. And it's fun to do. So without further ado, here is my synopses of how The Avengers: Age of Ultron will affect our heroes one-by-one:

Tony Stark:

Battle Mode
Battle Mode

In my opinion, I think Tony Stark will suffer the biggest effect. At this point, we know Stark is responsible for the creation of Ultron. I think at a certain point of The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Stark will be hated by his own fellow avengers and possibly engage in some scuffles with them (Hence, Hulkbuster vs Hulk) due to some disagreements in regards to Ultron's motives. After the events, I believe Stark will be in a very dark place mentally and may have more severe health issues. We will next see him in The Avengers 3 but I doubt he'll be the Stark we all learned to love. He'll be more serious, less funny and more conscious about his fellow avengers due to his regrets in The Avengers: Age of Ultron. He'll probably suffer nightmares about Ultron. I can see Tony Stark in a deeply saddened state at the end of AOU. (AOU to be a darker film) For the record, I'm voting for Rhodey (War Machine) to be killed in AOU.



God of thunder seems to not be phased by anything going on with earth knowing he has bigger problems to worry about in Asgard once he returns for Thor 3 (Loki on the throne) Thor will be the least affected from the group in the events of AOU. I personally think he'll probably have the smallest role out of all the avengers. We'll probably see him smash some drones and go head to head with Ultron and Scarlet Witch. But as far as him being affected mentally or have any bearing on his future films, I highly doubt it.


Now Hawkeye, to many people, has seemed to be under utilized and worthless compared to the rest of the avengers. He had a very small scene in Thor and wasn't really his FULL self in The Avengers. But I believe he will kick major ass in AOU. After leaving the theater, we'll probably be dying for a Hawkeye solo film. We may see some references to Captain America's issues with Hydra infiltrated in Shield in which will be addressed by Hawkeye. I think Hawkeye will earn his badge of honor after this film and go on to working alongside Captain America and Black Widow in Captain America 3. As far as the events go in AOU, it'll probably be the best thing that happened to Hawkeye so he can showcase his skills to the audience. We may have some near death situations with him though... just saying...

Bruce Banner:

Bruce Banner was always a very collective guy in The Avengers being buddy science bros with Tony Stark. We only saw him unleash Hulk in The Avengers when he was angry but found out he was able to control it toward the end (How does that work?). Anyway, I think we will see Hulk smash MANY things in AOU including the hulkbuster. Hey we may see a royal-rumble between Hulk and Ultron (Boy that would be worth to watch!! Take my money!!)... As far as Banner's mental state after AOU, he'll probably go back hiding in his man cave. We saw how Banner was in solitude in the beginning of The Avengers, well he will probably be that same guy at the end of AOU due to his exposure to the world. With Banner finding out how Corrupt SHIELD was and Ultron's morals and beliefs still ringing in his head about humanity, we can see Bruce Banner lost mentally.... We'll probably have to convince Banner in The Avengers 3 to suit up again...

Captain America:

"I don't like bullies"
"I don't like bullies"

This will be an interesting character to follow-up with after the events in AOU because of his moral beliefs and tragic events he already had to deal with in CA2. First and foremost, I believe he will be signified as the leader of the avengers in this movie, giving orders, possibly alongside Stark. As he was still coping with modern day and being smacked by his past (Bucky) and having to deal with an 8ft Ultron with hundreds of technological drones and fighting mutant twins is more then what a 95 year old can handle. Secondly, I think we will see him and Quicksilver square off. Due to Steve Rogers being the leader and the twins hating the avengers at first, Quicksilver will probably go for the head hancho of the team which is Capt. Will be an interesting grudge match you gotta admit. We will leave off with Rogers being recovering from more damage and then continuing his search for Bucky. He'll then take it upon him and Fury to slowly build SHIELD back up again. Bottom line Captain Rogers will again realize just how much the world has changed and will learn the hard way in AOU.

Didn't think much about Black Widow because she seems to be unfazed any anything since she's such a bad ass along with Fury. And I haven't seen the twins to speculate how they might end in at the end of AOU... All I do know is the events will in someway impact future marvel films.

What do you guys think? I'm curious to know.


What match would you be excited to see?


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