BySamantha Munoz, writer at

If you loved the official trailer for Gotham, then you'll love this compilation of hilarious shots from fan-made trailers. If there's one more trailer you need to watch before the show airs, it's this one.

After releasing the official trailer, Fox set up a contest and asked fans to recreate shots or scenes from it. Understandably, Fox received tons of submissions and boy they did not disappoint. From animating live action scenes to using vegetables as substitutes, these fan-made trailers are both hands down hysterical and scary accurate.

Check out the side by side video of both the official trailer and the compilation to see for yourself.

This has got to be one of the strangest trailers for a television show I have ever seen. What do you think? Does this fan-made compilation trailer make you even more excited for Gotham? Leave a comment below!

Gotham premieres on Fox September 22.



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