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I would have to say this is one of my favourite fantasy films. Mexican Writer and Director Guillermo del Toro made this genius film.

This film is set in Spain 5 years after the Spanish Civil War. Ofelia (Ivana Baquero) and pregnant mother go to stay with her new step-father who is a Falangist Captain who hunts Spanish Maquis. Ofelia really likes and believes in Fairy's and Fairy tales. On her way to her step-fathers Ofelia sees a small fairy like creature who at night visits her to show her to a Labyrinth. There she meets Faun who believes Ofelia is a princess and she needs to do 3 tasks before the full moon to be granted immortality. There are a few tasks that the Faun asks of Ofelia one of which is to open the gate of the underworld. Since the Faun is only visible to Ofelia no one else knows what she is doing. Things get a little tuff for Ofelia as some of the tasks get really hard. And she meets other good and bad creatures along the way one which is the Pale Man.

The film is beautifully written dark fantasy genre, I really enjoyed being taken into a different world and meeting different characters. Ofelia balanced 2 different life's from being in her own with her mother and Faun.

Pale Man - A monster
Pale Man - A monster

The film was shot really well and the look was dark which came across realistic for us to believe of this new worlds existence.

I highly recommend watching this film. And do make sure you have subtitles on and focus on the story and the journey it takes you.


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