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Borley Rectory, a Victorian mansion that gained fame as "the most haunted house in England" is to be the subject of a new film.

Starring Julian Sands (Warlock, Boxing Helena) and Reece Shearsmith (The League of Gentlemen) the film is described as an animated study of Borley Rectory.

Built in 1862 to house the rector of the parish of Borley and his family, it was damaged by a fire in 1939 and demolished in 1944.
The house was said to have been haunted since it was built. Reports grew in 1929, after a newspaper published an account by paranormal researcher Harry Price, who is a character in the film.

The script is great – really atmospheric and scary. You clearly know what you imagine working well animated – and have written accordingly. It’s an amazing story anyway – before you even get into the validity of the ghosts! Very excited to be part of it.” – Reece Shearsmith

Harry Price rented the building himself in 1937, he advertised in The Times for assistants and he attempted to get to the bottom of the hauntings.
He recorded many paranormal incidents during his year long stay at the Rectory but not long after his death these incidents became the subject of a study by three members of the Society for Psychical Research.
"The "Borley Report", as the SPR study has become known, stated that many of the phenomena were either faked or due to natural causes such as rats and the strange acoustics attributed to the odd shape of the house."

Despite many believeing his claims of paranormal activity were fake, Borley Rectory is still a fascinating story and I'm looking forward to this film.

Watch the trailer here and read more about the film here


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