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This may be weird but I love going to Target or Best Buy just to walk to the movie section, I love to find good deals on movies, I am just that thrifty. So thinking I am about to get a good deal is well not happening especially with these two-eight movie packs. You guys know exactly what I am talking about; usually with the two-eight pack movies you usually get one great movie or two great movies and the rest suck. For example I went to Best Buy the other day and they had American History X (great movie) with History of Violence (terrible) in a movie two-pack. History of Violence was terrible, don’t pretend you liked it, how you are going to put it with one of my favorite movies American History X? I don’t think so. It’s pretty rare you find a movie pack worth buying, I found Friday/Menace to Society/Set it Off in a three pack blu-ray disc set; that my friends is a good deal, such great movies (rare). What about the movie packs that come with movies you have never heard of? I hate it, maybe I am being picky but sometimes I just want to find more than just one two-eight pack movies worth buying.

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