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Just when you think it's all over, the producers of this movie throw yet another curveball!

Yesterday I wrote what would could possibly have been my last EVER post on Vampire Academy - but here I am again, with new news!

Now before you get your hopes up, I'm not about to tell you that a sequel is definitely, 100% happening. At this point, nobody could tell you that, because nobody knows. However, what I do have for you, is a message from Producer Michael Preger, posted on the wall of the Official Producer Run Page today.

Message from Michael Preger to the fans
Message from Michael Preger to the fans

What this basically means, is that like I mentioned in my last post, the Vampire Academy Fandom is extremely lucky to have such a wonderful and dedicated producer. We may not have raised that $1.5 million, but that doesn't mean that is the end.

I do personally think, that it'll be a long while before we hear any solid news on a sequel, or even at this stage, maybe a reboot of the whole franchise. But it's some small comfort at least to know that despite what has happened, the producers aren't giving up on us.

As always I will do my best to keep you constantly updated, but don't be surprised if things are a little quieter on the VA front for a while.

Our producers have a lot of work ahead of them.

Stay positive !


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