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Happy September everyone! For me, September means going back to school, hours of homework and studying, and waking up at six in the morning five days a week. There is only one silver-lining to be found this month, and that is that the Fall T.V season begins! Old favorites and new standouts start premiering this month, which almost makes up for all that school nonsense.


Bones (Sept. 25 on Fox) For those who watch this hit crime-drama, September 25 can not come fast enough. The season 9 finale left fans on the edge of their seats, literally counting the seconds until season 10 begins. According to the executive producer, Stephen Nathan, the premiere will jump ahead four months into the future.

Castle (Sept. 29 on ABC) We last saw Castle and Beckett on their way to get married. Because it is a TV show, things didn't go quite as planned. I'm assuming the premiere will start right after the events of last season's finale.

Once Upon a Time (Sept. 28 on ABC) Once Upon a Time,the most magical show on television will be coming back at the end of September. Due to the popularity of Frozen, characters like Elsa, Anna, and Hans will be making their way to Storybrooke. Sadly, Olaf won't get to experience Summer because he will not be joining them.

Elsa and Anna
Elsa and Anna

Other Sept. releases:

Agents of Shield (Sept. 23 on ABC) Awkward( Sept. 23 on MTV) The Big Bang Theory (Sept. 22 on CBS) Greys Anatomy(Sept,25 on ABC)


The Vampire Diaries (Oct. 2 on CW) The Vampire Diaries is just one of those shows you have to watch. You don't really want to watch it, but you have to. In the finale a certain vampire brother died, another one came back to life, and our favorite history teacher/vampire hunter rejoined the land of the living. No, I'm not kidding. In my opinion, this may be the last season of TVD because all they've been doing on the show is killing the main characters and then bringing them back to life in the next episode. But that is just my opinion.

The Flash (Oct. 7 on CW) The Flash is one of the many new pilots for the CW. But unlike the others I think The Flash actually has the potential to become a really great show. I am super excited for this and I love the cast and the trailer looks amazing!

Supernatural (Oct. 7 on CW) Not many shows make it past ten seasons and 200 episodes. Supernatural has been one of my favorite shows for a long time so I'm slightly biased when I say that I can't wait for this premiere. Season 9 wasn't my favorite though so I really hope season 10 picks up the pace so it isn't the shows last season.

The Walking Dead (Oct. 12 on AMC) Last but certainly not least. The Walking Dead. I think it is safe to say that almost everyone watches The Walking Dead. I mean, what's not to like? I am super excited for this season because it looks like this season is going to be a whole lot darker, which I'm super excited for. At Comic Con they released footage for the new season and it looks amazing!!

Other Oct. Releases:

The Originals (Oct 6 on CW) Reign (Oct. 2 on CW) Arrow (Oct. 8 on CW) American Horror Story Freak Show ( Oct. 8 on FX) Criminal Minds (Oct. 1 on CBS)

source: TV Guide


What show are you most excited for?


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