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Lots of mixed feelings and emotions going around about this episode. The scenery is magnificent, the land is empty and vacant and such serene beauty you just want to get lost in, the alienation of Claire was done superbly, but damn this time around we needed subtitles to be able to take it all in.

The Sassenach was first showed in front of the lake reciting a John Donne poem, ringing back to her English roots, and a new character comes in continuing to recite the poem Ned Gowan, played by Bill Patterson. She seemed shocked that he knew who she was speaking of let alone, be able to recite the poem as well. With the hate the Scot’s have for the British and vice versa I don’t blame her. They chat up a bit, and he is a lawyer an educated man, I think Claire was happy to have someone not look down upon her and be able to strike up an intelligent conversation.

The next scene that stands out is when they are in the village and collecting the rent. It amazes me that people just line up and give what they can, and they must give after all to the Clan MacKenzie, some silver, some grain and various farm animals even if it means that they go without food, or milk for their young. Claire wonders off to explore and she hears a chanting, with a splash of song mixed in with it, and she finds the women working on dyeing the wool. What a lovely traditional moment … even if it did involve a bucket full of hot urine. Google it. That’s really how that worked. Makes you look at those kilts and shawls a little differently.


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