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Well, comic book readers and fans of all ages. I am sure everyone was hyped when Dwayne Johnson finally revealed to the world that he will in fact be playing Black Adam in the future project 'Shazam' movie. With all of his hints I'm sure everyone already figured this out. We were simply waiting for his confirmation. With that out of the way now, as the unsatisfied child that still dwells within us all, yearns for more. Who will they cast to play the iconic baby-faced God? Unlike other posts, I have done my research on possible actors who could potentially play Shazam. So, in no order of preference here are my suggestions:

Kellan Lutz

Here is a young actor on the rise to stardom. Appearing in the 'Twilight Saga', portraying Hercules in 'The Legend of Hercules' and kicking some butt in The 'Expendables 3' he is making a really good name for himself in the action hero business. I know some of you may have some gripes about some of the films he's been in, but put those feelings aside and look at the man behind the characters he's portrayed. The man has great potential and with a role as Shazam and good direction I am sure he would undoubtedly hit the nail and bring forth a phenomenal performance alongside The Rock! And, standing at 6' 1" and a bit more muscle packed on I'm sure he would give him a run for his money. Besides, who wouldn't want to see these two bada--es tear each other apart proclaiming who the better Hercules was?

Matt Bomer

Now, here is this guy. The guy has piercing blue eyes, a very good physique and the best features on a face of a man that could possibly make every woman forget she was married. The man's facial features alone say 'I am Shazam'. He had a great run on the TV series White Collar, was one of the young performers in Magic Mike and even voiced Clark Kent in Superman: Unbound. Yes, I know not many action roles, but I'm sure if given the chance he would jump on that band wagon and give us a wonderful performance. This could be his breakout role into film and finally get him the recognition he deserves. He holds a strong presence, one that is welcoming and honorable. Perfect for the titular hero. If it's not Shazam then it has to be someone. I mean come on look at that face lol The guy is screaming Superhero. Ok, moving on.

Now, this next choice of mine is only because I loved every season, every episode, every detail about Clark Kents rise to becoming the Hero we know him to be. He was perfect, and I mean perfect in every sense. He took us on a journey unlike any we've ever experienced, all the while holding his own throughout every trial.

Tom Welling

Aside from many of the comic characters being cast by upcoming new actors and actresses, I for one would love to see Tom Welling back in superhero action. There really is no argument with this guy. He clearly has the cred to back him up with 10 solid successful years of Smallville he is hands down a sure fire money maker to go toe-to-toe with The Rock. How crazy would it be to bring him back to the world of DC and don another iconic heroes cape and see him in action once again? I know he's much older. Yes, I know that. But, come on people you know that can easily be fixed with a razor to get him back to looking like a baby again and some make-up touch ups here and there. You know very well he could pull it off.

Tyler Hoechlin

Now, here is a guy who also knows the action scene all too well. He plays Derek Hale on the 'Teen Wolf' series. He's coming into his own and so far he is doing very well. His physical appearance is on par with the role and could very well pose a challenge for Dwayne Johnson. Given the chance to take on a title character could definitely help him break out and become the hero he is meant to be.

Well, those are my choices boys and girls. There are more but these are the one's I felt comfortable with. These would be my top picks if I were to be in charge of casting. I don't know about you, but I know I can't wait (I have to), I can't wait for this to come out. I am just thrilled about all of these comic book film adaptations coming out while I'm still alive. It's great to see all of the characters that I grew up with, reading and tagging along every adventure and mishap, come to life.


From my choices who would you pick?


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