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Jerome Maida

"Guardians of the Galaxy" keeps racking up the accomplishments!

First, it was the #1 movie in America - again! - over this past weekend.

On what was the slowest weekend at the domestic box-office in two years, "Guardians of the Galaxy" was the only film to hit the $10 million mark.

On any other weekend of the year, that would be beyond horrendous, but the weekend after Labor Day is traditionally the weekend that has the lowest grosses each year.

Not only did "Guardians of the Galaxy" claim the top spot on the charts for a third straight week, it is also the movie's fourth weekend, total, in first place.

The only other films to pull THAT feat off in the past decade is a small, exclusive, elite list: "The Dark Knight", "Avatar" and "The Hunger Games".

On September 6, it passed the $291 million total domestic take of last year's "Man of Steel" - which is astounding, when you consider that the awareness of and pre-existing fanbases for the two properties before these films is as wide as the power-level differential between Superman and Rocket Raccoon.

It's current $294.5 million domestic haul so far means it should pass the $300 million mark in a couple of days. It is also is nearly $6 million ahead of the pace set by the original "Iron Man" film after 38 days.

If it doesn't slow down drastically over the next couple of weeks it should pass both "Iron Man 2" ($312 million) and "Iron Man" ($318 million), making it the eighth highest-grossing Comic Book Adaptation ever, domestically - behind only "Marvel's The Avengers", "The Dark Knight", "The Dark Knight Rises", "Iron Man 3" and the 3 Raimi "Spider-Man" films.



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