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With only a month to go until The Walking Dead returns to our screens, AMC has continued its promo push and dropped a brand-new trailer for Season 5.

Containing some new footage and continuing the theme of "Hunt or be Hunted", this latest trailer sees Rick give Carl some important advice, as well as tease the possible death of a major character.

Check it out for yourself and I'll see you on the other side for a more in-depth breakdown:

That was pretty intense, wasn't it? I know I've said this a lot, but I really can't wait for Season 5 to arrive.

But does this trailer teach us anything new about the new Season? Well yes, quite a lot actually.

First up, we've got Rick laying down the law for the people of Terminus, saying:

It's not over until they're all dead. They don't get to live.

This would seem to contradict what the Comic-Con trailer showed - namely Rick and Gareth's people teaming up to head to Washington to "cure this thing".

I've been thinking for a while now that the first trailer we saw was cleverly edited to give the impression that these two groups joined forces, and this latest promo seems to support that.

Which brings us to...

Big Bada Boom!

We've seen this massive explosion in every trailer so far and that's because I think it shows the complete destruction of Terminus - and it all goes down in the first episode.

After making their escape - with the aid of Carol - they rig Terminus to explode and then wait at a safe distance for the carnage to begin:

A safe distance...
A safe distance...

You can spot Rick, Eugene and the rest looking on, as Terminus enters its final few seconds of existence.

It's going to be one hell of a firework show.

On the topic of death, the promo trailer teases the downfall of a major character.

Glenn Goes Bye Bye?

Again we see what looks to be an image of Glenn about to get his head caved in by a baseball bat-wielding thug. However, despite the apparent precariousness of Glenn's situation, I think this is a tease for comic book fans (you know what I'm talking about), and Maggie's other half is indeed going to be ok.

Well for now at least...


Will the group escape Terminus in the first episode?


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