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I saw a nature documentary once that told me not to think of ants or bees as being individual organisms, but as individual cells within the "body" of their colony or hive. This unbelievable video of the Ohio State Marching Band doing "TV Land" makes me think of that. Only it's way funnier, because there's a sousaphone...

Bart riding a skateboard, the Batmobile driving, the Office logo: how do they do it? Okay, I'm being rhetorical, but, Check this out and just tell me you aren't impressed:

So many of their routines make me tear up. But I would never, ever admit that.

The most amazing piece of band choreography you have ever seen in your life, right? Here are some of the best bits for you to re-live...

Bart and his 'board

Ay Caramba, that's impressive!


The Batmobile

Holy Guacamole. It's the Batmobile! What else is there to say?


The Office logo

Dunder Mifflin poss-sayyy.


Game of Thrones' dragons

Those Targaryan loyalists know just how to make an entire stadium erupt with the GoT theme...


The Ohio State Marching Band's Performances...

(Source: YouTube)


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