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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is one of the most highly anticipated films and it won't even be released until 2016! Fortunately for those of us needing a fix to get us through the next year we have people like YouTube user Zelenks who made his own trailer for the upcoming movie.

The amazing trailer has actually blown me away with all the action it packs - Zelenks is obviously a very talented dude. Somehow he manages to splice footage from Man of Steel, The Dark Knight and Batman Begins to get the full superhero vibe and uses films like Godzilla to really show the amount of destruction that two warring superheroes could inflict over a city. He also used footage from Now You See Me of Jesse Eisenberg (who will play Lex Luther) to really make him come across as a villainous type. Very clever stuff.

To be completely honest with you I would be surprised if the real trailer came close to this fan-made version. I know, big call.

Watch it and judge for yourself:

Wow, that's definitely gonna require a closer look:

1. Where did Wonder Woman come from!?

Don't get me wrong, this is pure AWESOME! I just have no idea where this snippet even came from, anyone else? Such a great inclusion, too bad it's so brief.

2. It's Batfleck!

This genuinely gave me shivers. How can a fan-made trailer bring us something infinitely more awesome than a Comic-Con teaser could?

3. Cape Vs. Cape

The ending of the trailer is amazing, superhero vs superhero. Someone is about to throw DOWN!

Seriously amazing stuff and I can't believe it all came from a fan made trailer! It's definitely got me expecting big things from the official trailer. Don't let me down Zack Snyder!


Are you looking forward to Batman V. Superman?

Source: Comicbook


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