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It's old news that Albus Dumbledore is gay, but some people refuse to get with the program and continue to judge the fictional character for his sexuality.

In a since deleted Tweet, a disgruntled Harry Potter 'fan' decided to take their homophobic outrage directly to J.K. Rowling's door.

Frank Fraticelli has since left Twitter...
Frank Fraticelli has since left Twitter...

Although Rowling doesn't Tweet often, the British author jumped to Dumbledore's defence and replied with a comment suitably loaded with disapproving snark...

Unless you happen to hail from the Highlands, you probably didn't get the joke immediately, but Brian Souter is Scotland's richest business man and is notorious for spending his fortune supporting anti-gay legislation.

He also happens to look like just the sort of person who would burn all his cash to stop equality in its tracks...

Brian Souter is notoriously anti-gay
Brian Souter is notoriously anti-gay

After slamming the Twitter troll with her backhanded suggestion, J.K. Rowling received and outpouring of support from her fans for the grade-A burn she delivered.

The world's most successful author left fans with one more piece of advice before gracefully backing out of the conflict.

Rowling has always been candid about how much she loves her characters, so I'm not surprised this attack on Dumbledore and his sexuality spurred her into action.

After all, nothing about Dumbledore's behind-the-scenes sexuality affects his status as Harry Potter's beloved mentor and the most honorable wizard in Hogwarts, so why should anybody care?


What did you think of J.K. Rowling's response?

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