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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Sons of Anarchy Season 7 starts so, so soon! As a result of this, TV critics who've already seen the first three episodes are hogging about 90% of my jealousy right now...

Matt Richenthal at TV Fanatic confirms:

Someone will get hurt with a Carving Fork

Ummm...didn't we already see that? Is this Gemma's fave weapon now? My guess is the attack will take place at the crime scene - maybe Gemma or Juice is interrupted while trying to hide evidence.


Unser is gonna find new employment

What jobs are available for a terminally ill retired cop? He makes a damn good Nanny, but I'm guessing this refers to something other than Unser's amazing daycare skills...Maybe he's helping out at Diosa?


Jax gets things started...

Richenthal says: 'Jax will put an elaborate plan into motion, one that leads to numerous deaths, betrayals and at least one pressing problem between SAMCRO and a charter club.' This could refer to the meeting with Marilyn Manson's Neo-Nazi character in prison that I talked about here.


Nick Venable over at Cinema Blend has also actually, genuinely seen the first three episodes of Season 7 - here's what we learnt from him...

'Makers are being met left and right'

Otto contributed to the SOA death count a lot!
Otto contributed to the SOA death count a lot!

Loads and loads of deaths, quel surprise! Repeat after me: Not Tig, Not Tig...Please!


Poor, poor Juice

Juice is always sad these days...
Juice is always sad these days...

Venable says 'Juice is hiding out from the club...he has almost no plans, which probably won’t bode well for him, considering how terrible his split-decision skills are.' Spot on!


Chibs - Romance with a lady of the law?

I don't know what to make of this one...Venable teases:

As far as the new stars go, Annabeth Gish’s new sheriff Althea Jarry isn’t approaching Charming’s problems in the way that I would have expected... Either way it goes, Chibs likes it.


Oh, also there's gonna be a 'Frankenstein-themed porn shoot'! How desperate are you for Sons of Anarchy Season 7?


Which confirmed spoiler are you most excited about?


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