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Hey How I Met Your Mother fans! Remember how the Season 9 finale kicked you in the face and then stomped on your heart while you were down?

Spoiler Alert

Y'know, because Ted finally found love with Tracy before she DIES A TERRIBLE SLOW DEATH?

This really, really hurt.
This really, really hurt.

Well now you can forget all about that because the alternate ending has leaked ahead of its release on the Complete Series Box Set this month.

And guess what? She lives!

In fact, the alternate ending is far more emotionally satisfying in pretty much every way.

Ted and Tracy still meet and get married, but instead of dispatching with her quicker than you can say "screw you CBS", Ted then voices over the story of how the two got together.

The story is predictably funny, heartwarming and awkward in all the right places.

If there was a filmic version of tippex, now would be the time to go back and use it.

Check it out below:

(Source: BuzzFeed)


Should they have used this ending?


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