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There was a time in my past where the game The Sims had a tight hold over me. Creating people, houses and careers only to take it all away by trapping a person in a swimming pool and removing the ladder, those were the days!

Ian Roach, one seriously enthusiastic Sims player, seems to have taken the game to the next level and has recreated the TV show Friends in The Sims world.

Take a look:

Joey and Chandler and Monica and Rachel's apartments

This is some spot on recreation - he even included Monica's secret messy cupboard!

The apartment is perfect and check out Chandler throwing some serious SHADE!

I can't get over Chandlers expression. Spot on! The only thing missing is the Magna Doodle on the back of the door.

Good to see Joey's yellow couch made it in!


Central Perk

It even has the microphone for renditions of "Smelly Cat!" I wonder if he made a Gunther sim to creep around in the background?


Ross and Phoebe's apartments

Complete with guitar and quirky pig decoration?!

There's something just vaguely sad about this one!

Ian Roach is obviously a Sims player with some talent and the Friends recreation isn't his first attempt. If you want more you can check out his sim versions of Arrested Development, The Golden Girls and Seinfeld.


Do you think the Friends Sims recreation is awesome?

Image source: Imgur


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