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CeeLo Green's trial for drugging and raping a woman might not have exactly served justice, but the fact that the singer is being fired from absolutely everything in the aftermath is a small comfort.

For those of you who don't know the back story, CeeLo Green was accused by a woman of spiking her drink and then raping her when she was unconscious.

When the crime came to trial, there was only adequate evidence to prosecute Green for drug charges and the 40-year-old singer took a deal, pled no contest and got probation and community service.

After the trial, Green disgusted the nation when he Tweeted horrendous, ignorant things about sexual assault such as implying it is only rape if the woman is concious and stating that women who had really been raped would really remember it.

He has since spewed out a few half ass apologies, but the damage is done when it comes to the 'F**k You' singers reputation.

First, CeeLo’s TBS reality show The Good Life was coincidentally cancelled within 24 hours of the tweets. Next, he was “dropped” from the United States Navy sponsored event, 'JBAB Freedom Live', and his tweets were sited as the reason why.

Finally, Green was dropped from the 2014 Gretna Heritage Festival in Louisiana. Again, his tweets were cited as the reason.

Green might not have been prosecuted for rape, but it's refreshing to acknowledge that people were so genuinely horrified by his behavior that the singer is being forcibly shunted from the spotlight.

Depressingly, charges of rape and sexual assault are often swept under the rug and performers go on as if nothing has happened, but maybe this is a sign that things are changing for the better?


Does CeeLo Green deserve to be fired for the things he said?

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