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Do you guys remember Luke, Liv and their mysterious coven? Nope, neither do I really after the explosive drama of the season 5 finale, but apparently we will be learning more about them very soon.

Executive producer Caroline Dries told TVLine that the storyline surrounding this mysterious coven isn't over just yet and fans might learn who the secretive leader of their group really is...

Dries even went so far as to tease that the coven's presence in Whitmore could be crucial to the overlying story arch of season 6. She explained that;

It’s linked heavily into the deeper mythology of the show this season … Once we start understanding why the heck we’re at Whitmore and what their coven is all about, we’ll really understand their plight in life and how it affects our characters

Although I'm sure a lot of you are sighing in disbelief right now, this doesn't need to be as bad as it sounds!

Luke and Liv were not the best written characters and they led to a lot of fan frustration. Even though I really wanted to like them, spending large amounts of times trying to figure out what the hell is going on isn't anyone's idea of fun and the storylines surrounding these two were just plain weak.

Hopefully, with more clout behind Luke, Liv and the coven, they will have chance to come into their own and who knows, maybe they could even be instrumental in saving Damon and Bonnie... After all, we don't know anything about their leader yet, but I have a feeling they are going to be one formidable witch!


Do you want to learn more about Luke, Liv and the coven?

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