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Newly unearthed documents suggest that Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe had a two year long lesbian affair with her German acting tutor.

The Daily Mail reports that Monroe and Columbia Pictures drama coach Natasha Lytess shared a home 'as man and wife' for two of the seven years that they worked together.

Monroe and Lytess
Monroe and Lytess

A 1962 interview with Lytess gives an amazing insight into the Marilyn Monroe we never saw on screen:

Naked, she was always naked in the house. 6 or 7 or 8 hours...she was naked all day long! And I'm not exaggerating! She was afraid of giving up all that had made her as Marilyn the sexiest girl: dresses, make-up, moves.
Because she thought she had nothing to give except sex appeal. In fact it’s interesting because she really hated sex!
Lytess helped Monroe both on and off screen.
Lytess helped Monroe both on and off screen.

Lytess, who died of cancer in 1964, explained that Monroe's desperate need for reassurance also extended into the studio, even clutching Lytess' hand during filming:

Very often, during close-ups I had to hold her hand. I had to support her every time.
Thanks to the specificities of the close-up - which films only the head or the shoulders - I could hold her hand without being filmed by the camera. I had to do it to give her some courage.
Lytess often held Monroe's hand during takes.
Lytess often held Monroe's hand during takes.

Marilyn Monroe has always been known as a tragic figure, but it's personal insights like these that really show her vulnerability.

At least her years with Lytess seem to have bought Marilyn some comfort. Monroe expressed their relationship beautifully:

Miss Lytess made me free. She gave me balance and made me understand life. I owe everything to her.

Neither Marilyn Monroe or Natasha Lytess are around to speak for themselves, so I will let her words above do the talking. RIP Marilyn Monroe.


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(Source: The Daily Mail)


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