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Could one of the weirdest celebrity pairings be on the rocks? Justin Timberlake has been seen partying in Paris nightclubs with mystery girls while his wife of two years (yeah, who knew it'd been two years?), Jessica Biel was nowhere to be seen.

After performing a gig Justin was spotted in the VIP Club Room in Paris on August 22nd drinking and doing shots with two mystery brunettes. Timberlake was spotted hugging, whispering and putting his arm around the two.

Hmm, I don't know about you but that all sounds rather suspect for a dude who is a) supposed to be married and b) rumored to have quite the history with cheating.

Check out snaps of the potential heartbreaker below:

After Justin spent three hours in the club with the duo before they all left together in two black vans, Justin in one, the girls in another. Sounds kinda dodgy to me, but points for at least leaving in two separate cars, very subtle.

Oh, and for all of you wonder what Mrs Timberlake thinks about this, according to a source for Star Magazine, Jessica "knows he flirts with other women, but if she ever found out that he cheated, it would be over!" Woah ok then, consider that permission to emotionally cheat?! I don't know about you, but I'm guessing this isn't the last time we'll see Justin cosied up to an unknown beauty in a nightclub! Flirting of course, just flirting.


Do you think Justin Timberlake is a love rat?

Source: Celebitchy, Heatworld


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