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After I learnt that Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart are authentically chums, I have been cheerleading their beautiful friendship with the enthusiasm of a pug in a ball pit.

Anyone who has a similar level of ardour for these adorable gal pals can take comfort because rumors of yet another rift over Nicholas Hoult are false.

OK! Magazine started the internet Chinese whispers when they stated that KStew was wasting no time getting her claws in JLaw's ex, Nicholas Hoult, after the pair supposedly split. The publication played on the lingering public perception that Stewart is a ravenous, immoral man eater by stating that;

It's been only a few weeks since Jennifer Lawrence broke it off with Nicholas Hoult, but Kristen moves fast! Kristen is making her move … K-stew is sweet on Nick. This is so low class from Jennifer's point of view, as far as she's concerned, she and Nicholas are just on a break

Sounds familiar right? Yep, that's because these are the same old rumors behind the fictional 'rift' in the first place...

The Mirror soon found a source close to Lawrence who told an entirely different story though, and it sounds way more JLaw-esque! According to the UK newspaper, as soon as Lawrence heard about the rumors;

She rang Kristen and said jokingly, 'Oh apparently, you're seeing my boyfriend?' Kristen allegedly laughed it off before the girls giggled down the phone together

I know which version I want to believe!


Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence: Friends or foes?

(Source: Christian Post via The Mirror)


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