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These days, with the ubiquity of nerd glasses and the unstoppable beast that is The Big Bang Theory, it's time to face facts: Being a nerd no longer comes with the black-sheep status it once did.

In fact, the new trailer for German cyber-crime movie Who Am I - No System Is Safe, which premiered at TIFF, sees computer hackers perform magic tricks for the feds, travel in the sexiest of sports cars, party at a rate to make even Berghain regulars look like pussies, and manipulate the entire stock market with a badass snap of the finger.

Oh, and the soundtrack is - quite aptly - from incredible German electro producer Boys Noize. Check this out and see if it doesn't raise a few eyebrows:

In the same vein as Hackers and Fight Club, Who Am I - No System Is Safe explores the modern world of computer hacking - and its consequences.

Set in Berlin, Germany, the movie focuses on a young tech-whiz named Benjamin. Desperate to use his hacking talents, he gets the attention of an underground group of hackers, who invite him to join their computer skills to be acknowledged worldwide...


Does this hacker movie look like something you'll be watching?

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